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Welcome to neighboursfromhell.com.au - If you have a Neighbour From Hell (NFH) and you want to know what you can do to regain some sanity and peace in your life this website offers suggestions and links on how to manage your problem and how to avoid making things worse than they already are. Neighboursfromhell.com.au was created in 2011 as the result of a long running NFH problem we had/have which has lead us to becoming all too familiar with what to do (and what not to do) when dealing with a provocative, unco-operative, angry neighbour.

If your neighbour causes you to feel intimidated and under siege in your own home or when you go outside your house then yes you are living next door to the Neighbour From Hell and you need to take steps to manage the situation and regain your life.

It often starts with some simple thing, a reasonable request, like sharing the cost of a new fence or asking them to stop their dog from barking 24/7, maybe you just smiled at them one day and they decided that you ‘needed to be taught a lesson’. Whatever the case when it comes to the Neighbour From Hell it usually doesn’t take much and suddenly you find yourself the victim of bullying, harassment, intimidation, loud noise, and general antisocial behaviour visited upon you by an irrational and unreasonable neighbour.

If you have come here looking for methods of revenge you have come to the wrong place, that is not what we are about and it is probably you who is (or is about to become) the NFH. Revenge is not the answer when it comes to the NFH but that does not mean that you can’t have a laugh along the way (in fact we recommend it) because there is no shortage of amusement to be had in figuring out the inner workings of the mind of the NFH. Being reasonable and reasoned, quietly and persistently standing up for your right to peacefully enjoy your life and ignoring the often infantile provocations of the NFH will quite often be enough to ‘do their heads in’ and ‘mess with them’.

The last thing you want to do is provide fuel for the NFH and their madness but neither do you want to be driven out of your own home so getting them to shift focus away from you and still getting what you want is the key to managing the situation well. It may take time and patience (lots of patience) but the possibilities exist that you can have a NFH and still manage to live a happy and healthy existence. It is important to note here that an attitude of compromise is going to go a long way towards getting peace, you shouldn't expect to get everything you want but neither should they.

It is quite probable that your NFH has, for various reasons, not fully matured and not developed a compleat adult skill set. They often just behave like the school yard bully, the spoilt brat or the class clown (or all these things) that they were when they were growing up. If you are going to gain the high ground you will need to be the growenup (we consider the high ground is a relatively peaceful existence free of annoyance, intimidation and aggravation) you who will need to be patient, determined, thorough and mature, it is you who will need to be the grownup.

If you consider that for the NFH you are the oxygen that fuels their fire so if you starve them of that fuel they will hopefully look elsewhere for their supply. Try not to mimic their behaviour i.e. don’t get involved in noise wars (they turn up their volume so you turn up yours) or shouting matches over the fence - he said she said or ‘you’re an idiot’, ‘no I’m not, you are’ - these reactions are a ‘race to the bottom’, they go nowhere, wastes precious time and in the long run they make things worse, walk away there are better methods with better outcomes. We are not suggesting that you let them walk all over you, there are ways to fight back but you need to be smart not reactive. When it comes to the NFH you need to be the adult because they probably won’t be. You are better off being well informed and methodical and leaving the agro to them. The web site has lots of info but a good place to start is how to Manage the situation.

We have not arrived at making this web site without having gained considerable experience with the NFH; 'the whole nine yards' as they say, fence disputes, planning complaints to council, threats and assaults and the subsequent court cases and AVO's, and seemingly endless and ongoing childish provocations, so in the content of this web site we will try to cover the various legal methods you have at your disposal to quiet the beast next door and in the process we will explore some of issues that make the NFH what he or she is.

We are not offering legal advice, we are merely wanting to impart some of the information and experience that we have gained since late 2004 when our own neighbour from hell saga started. We hope that we can save you some of the distress and mistakes that we made in our journey so far. So try to relax and not become obsessed with the situation there are steps you can take to deal with the situation and as the NFH in Britain site reminds you constantly YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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