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Anger Management

The problem many people face is a "simple" issue of having a complete inability to control their anger. Really, I think many people suffer from this from time to time, some worse than others. This is also a very tricky thing to teach children as you raise them. Anger is a perfectly acceptable emotion, and a very logical emotion in many cases. How that anger is expressed is a completely different situation.

Sometimes the inability to handle anger properly and appropriately is the indicator of other mental illnesses, sometimes it is created by the environment one is raised in such as a child being handed everything (spoiled child) that gets into the real world and realizes that isn't the way it works, or, the child that was picked on as a kid and was never really accepted and lashes out at the world later.

Anger management is not my personal strong point, I let anger get the best of me sometimes, and children learn from their parents, so we owe it to our kids to grow up ourselves and get the best control of it that we can to teach them to do better than ourselves.

I am not anger management professional in any way, but I have learned ways to deal with that work for me. For me, rigorous exercise in kick boxing or other martial art classes is a great way to get exercise, and release some aggression on willing training partners. In addition you get to learn a little bit of self defense. Many people use many methods to learn to handle their own anger, some train in combat sports like I do, some work out more casually such as weight lifting or treadmills, some bike, some garden, some hobby in other ways. Everybody needs an outlet, the best bet is to find one, preferably one that is exhausting and can stay relatively uncompetitive, as, if it is too competitive it can easily lead to more anger. I take my combat sports casually, I train with amateur fighters that I know can take me, that is how one improves, not everybody can get along in that situation. Find what works for you.

You HAVE to get rid of the anger, keeping it all bottled up inside isn't healthy either and leads to situations like high blood pressure, ulcers, more pathological problems like passive-aggressive behavior, or a personality that seems angry, cynical and hostile. that will spiral into even bigger problems.

It has often been proven the "let 'em have it" theory, meaning full expression of anger, or, just blowing your top, can not only lead to very bad outcomes, but, actually makes you angrier and perpetuates even further problems. So control yourself.

You can not always remove things/people that enrage you, the only thing you have control over is your response to them, learn to cope and make life better for you and everybody around you.

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