We thought you might like to see a Neighbour From Hell video clip we posted on youtube and also some others we found on youtube, so we can all see that we are not alone.


Warning contains bad language
We will start the Video page off with our very own NsFH doing their thing at midnight after the police had told them to stop the noise.


Neighbours From Hell - Australian Style



Mowing their grass at night



Crazy Neighbours - Warning contains bad language


This is sad and disturbing


After years of abuse at the hands of elderly nightmare neighbours, which involved attempts on her life and resulted in a serious illness, Gina turned tragedy into comedy when she took the events of her life and transformed them into a dark comedy that has been described as 'delightfully wicked' and 'shockingly hilarious'.


They moved in after I'd been here 8 years and they immediately poisoned down a beautiful border jasmine hedge between our properties without even asking whether they could do it or not!! So everything my side, including my garden, died!! That was 13 years ago and even though I thought things eventually improved for the sake of peace, and a proper fence between, it never did. They did several things over the years to my property which was proved by the authorities concerned and they freely admitted doing it!! Yet, any responses from me have all been through the proper legal process if they have invaded my property. I think I have been very tolerant which the police have agreed with. Of course it's handy to video stuff and share the joyful experiences of the Neighbors From Hell with the world.

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